meet tanya & janice

our story

It was a wild ride for us, running our business on opposite ends of the world. Though we shared in many successes together over decades, it came to an end when we were burnt out from doing things that no longer motivated us.

Before we knew it, we were at a loss as to how exactly our lives should proceed next. Both being in our 50s we were facing the fact we were feeling old, tired, burnout, and not wanting to do what we had done in the past. 

We both went in our own direction for a few years but maintained a beautiful relationship. During this time, independently, we both decided that we're going to rewrite our future, and instead of letting The Next 20 Years come and go, we were going to design our 4th act!

Finally, we both shared where we were at and started talking about how we felt and how we started shifting our perspectives and our futures. We then started sharing our stories with our girlfriends, needless to say, every one of them could relate to what we were talking about. From feeling old, feeling out of options, feeling that where we are is not where we thought we would be... and the list goes on.

So the idea of helping woman design their Next 20 Years vs just letting it happen, just accepting middle age, accepting where our lives have landed started brewing.  Don't get us wrong, it's not about being unhappy per se, but it's more about...


What's my true purpose?

What's next?

What does this chapter of life hold? 

What's after the kids are raised and off on their own?

I am ready to do something else, but what?

I'm ready for something different, something more?

​and when we started sharing this with our girlfriends, WOW were we blown away at the response. Not only were our girlfriends relating to our stories, but they started asking us, HOW?

How did you do it?

How did you redesign your lives?

How did you paint a future you want to walk into? 

How did you shift to making the next 20 years the best years of your life?

How, How, How?!!!!

Well, this started a ball rolling that just could not be stopped.

We started sharing our stories beyond our close friends, we began writing down how we make the BIG SHIFT and started sharing this with other women who were feeling the same way.

This gave birth to 'My Next 20 Years'

Our dream is to build a community of women from around the world who want more from their 4 act in life.

They don't want to sit around and talk about growing old (unless it's funny) but want to design a life that the young will be envious of. They want a safe and welcoming place to share stories, find advice, and connect with others who are willing to share their journey with others, and, more importantly, want to be surrounded by women who refuse to just let their Next 20 Years unfold, and they will design it on their terms.

Every day counts in this life.  No matter where you are in your own journey into middle age (oh yes I did just say that), you have found a place to call home.

We hope you will join us as we share our stories, tip and tricks, and general "WTF" moments of our Next 20 Years, no matter your reason:

Then you are in the right place.

We truly hope you join us on our journeys, and if you related to anything in our story, your journey too!

Let’s create some magical memories together! 

Helping You Design Your Next 20 Years