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Welcome to My Next 20 Years

 20 years can seem like forever or just a blink of the eye.  
 20 years can seem like the beginning or the end of our lives.
 20 years can come and go without even us even realizing how fast time is passing.
 Are ready to design your next 20 years?
 If you are, then you have just found your community, your peeps, your tribe!

Our goal is to build a growing community of women between the ages of 45 & 60 (or any age, but we will be talking about old people things) and to provide a safe, healthy place to share, learn and design their Next 20 Years. 
We will do this by providing tools, resources, advice, and a whole lot of humour so that you can design and live your 4th act of life to its' fullest, and be surrounded by a community of friends from around the world.
Our community is FREE, Free to join, free to participate, and free to grow.
We hope you will join us, It's easy enough - say hello:

Helping You Design Your Next 20 Years

Our community is about YOU!
A place to go to learn from each other, share your struggles and successes.
Girl, grab some wine or a hot brew of coffee or tea and sit down, let's talk about the BS called aging! But more importantly, lets talk about how we can ROCK our 4th act of life! 
Come learn and share in our Facebook live events. which are there for chatting and learning tips and tricks on how to drive your future in the direction that you desire, or simply listen to guest speakers from different walks of life. Getting involved will help uncover your purpose as well as excitement about what lies ahead!

The Time Is Now

If not now, then when?
You know what they say, ya ain't getting any younger so let's rock life now, the time is right!
There's truly no better way to reconnect with your inner self than by becoming a part of the My Next 20 Years Community. As we start this journey, we hope you will join us as we, share inspirational quotes, dirty jokes, laugh at our laugh lines, but refuse to follow the rules.
Come join us, find mentors and best friends in this tight-knit community that will keep you on track for life goals.
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Our Mission

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